Delphi & Freepascal/Lazarus

Uijlenhoet Software specializes in developing software applications in the Delphi and FreePascal/Lazarus development environments. These development environments are characterized by the support of a ‘Rapid Development’ (RAD) approach. Development is done with standard or ‘customized’ components, each of which has its own specific properties. Supported by ‘rapid prototyping’, an application can be quickly built according to the customer’s requirements and wishes. Partly through the use of standard component libraries, the development team can continuously maintain focus on the business logic.

Is Delphi old? No, is my position! Delphi is a modern development environment that allows you to develop applications that are just as modern as C# or C++. The advantage of Delphi is that it is not dependent on the .NET framework promoted by Microsoft®. The compiler is very fast and so are the executables. In addition, you can compile to different platforms (OSX, iOS, Android, Linux) from one source code base.

And what about FreePascal/Lazarus? Freepascal is the free ObjectPascal compiler (see This can compile to many more platforms (embedded systems, such as Raspberry Pie, Arduino, etc.). Lazarus (see is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that uses FreePascal as its underlying compiler.